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Contacting the Other Side at THE SÉANCE

Believe me when I say that Cross Roads Escape Games’ The Séance interactive theater experience is such a unique and spooky experience that you do not want to miss. Led by Madame Ruby, the eight of us worked together to contact the other side and reach into the spirit realm in an attempt to save a trapped soul.

Written and directed by Madison Rhoades, this experience was anything but ordinary. My expectations were far exceeded in terms of what this experience was going to bring to the table. I was fully prepared and excited for a simple séance with fun special effects, but this experience gave me so much more than that. There is a story, there is a mission, there is an end game and your group has to work together with Ruby to get there. It gave me the classic, creepy seance vibes that I was looking for, and it told a story that had twists and turns that kept us on our toes.

This experience was so much more interactive than I thought it would be and I loved that. Although this was not an escape room, it did have some elements that did feel escape room-esque and got the audience involved in the journey. The group aids in the summoning rituals, finding artifacts that are needed to complete the rituals, crossing over into the sprit realm, and trying to help out lost souls. It involves getting up from the table on multiple occasions and moving about the room.

The effects used in this show were executed flawlessly. Objects moving, things falling over, knocking sounds, it all looked so good and felt real. The special effects were so fun and really brought the whole experience to life.

This is a very intimate experience. There are only eight people sitting around the table with Madame Ruby at each show. Each person is able to get very involved in the experience and have a hands on role in moving the story forward.

The atmosphere of the room that was created by not only the physical elements of the room, but also the show itself was probably my favorite part of this experience. The room is filled to the brim with spooky looking artifacts and books. The table has a talking board at the center and has symbols carved into the table in front of each seat that corresponds with the person’s personality. The atmosphere was even further enhanced by the special effects, lighting, and actors. Everything worked together to perfectly create an eerie and spooky environment that was perfect for a séance.

The cast rotates, and we had the pleasure of experiencing Amy Melendrez as Ruby and she was fantastic. She was fully dedicated to the role and did a fantastic job at really bringing the room to life. She played the role perfectly and was able to help naturally guide us in the right direction for the story to play out. We also were able to experience the puppetry of Stepy Kamei who also did a phenomenal job. Hearing puppetry paired with a séance sounds a little unusual, but it really did work quite well to enhance the supernatural feel to the experience.

Overall, this show is just such a fun experience. It is the perfect Halloween-time spooky activity. Everything about this experience was superb to me and I found it to be so incredibly enjoyable. The cast, the special effects, the story, and the general experience had by the guests was superb and I can’t recommend this experience enough.

Tickets range from $45-$60 depending on the day and time you go. You can find more information on their website: https://crossroadsescapegames.com/

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